Our Story

Our mission is to make it easier for you to build great teams. The teams you build will be the biggest amplifier of your company's success -- but today it's incredibly hard to find the right people and get them through the door. We helped build Addepar and Dropbox as both companies tripled in size, so we’ve seen that difficulty first-hand.

We're experts at making that first connection between you and a potential employee really personal, targeted, and effective. Our AI helps your recruiting team scale their efforts, and gives you peace of mind. After all, if you have 100 great candidates waiting to be interviewed, hiring talent wouldn’t be so stressful anymore.

Our Founders

Josh Albrecht

Josh has published papers in natural language processing, and is the mastermind behind Sourceress' tailored role heuristics and candidate identification magic. He also helped scale Addepar's team from 30 to 100 people.

Kanjun Qiu

Kanjun was the Chief of Staff at Dropbox as it grew from 300 to 1200 people. She was the hiring manager and built the sourcing and interview process for many roles, both technical and not. Her roots are in engineering: she studied CS at MIT.